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Stuff I like. And I like a lot of stuff.

Not that it's a bad thing.


The Dark Carnival by Darknessismyfriend

My god, where to begin? First of all, I loved the story. It's a haunting, enchanting thriller that gave me the greatest pleasure to rea...



There is this void. It exists in everyone, though not everyone realizes its existence. This void will bleed you dry, leaving you with a shell of emotion. This void is not quite a void, because if you peer deep enough within it, you can see everything that was and could be, but isn’t. That’s what makes it dangerous.

It stays quiet most of the time, trembling in anticipation, waiting for an opportunity, any opportunity, to strike. When you think you’re happy and at peace, it whispers lingering darkness into your heart. The heart listens, what choice does it have? And you listen to the heart, what choice do you have? You spiral down and down, much like Alice in her rabbit hole, grasping for branches and beams that will not support you.

Science tries to explain the cause, but it merely dances around what it does not know. Science tries to fight the darkness through pills and therapy, but we who harbor it know what does and does not work. We who harbor it know the raw ache and the burning scars and the endless, gaping wounds it leaves. We who harbor it know the labyrinth it hides in, though we are blind to its path.

Sometimes you get the chance to escape, losing yourself in this artificial bliss. But in the smallest corner, in the deepest region, you know what’s waiting to swallow you whole.
Hello Cruel World
Been awhile. Here's my feels. 
Hey guys. I'm alive. Starting college soon. Will upload when I can. I've been working on a book, maybe I'll upload bits of that
Rooms have no elephants. Only ghosts.

Not the ones who rise from their graves
to haunt and "live" among the living.

No - these ghosts are as real as memory,
as solid as breath on icy glass.

They have hearts which beat
and minds which reason,
yet they go unseen.

They are the silent guardians
of whispers and thoughts,
the protectors of those in need
of protecting.

These heroes go unheralded,
and they wish it to be so,
but loneliness is a dangerous suitor
that these knights know well.

So I write this plea to those who bask
in conversations and bravery
and the will to present yourself to the world
without fear for what the world will do to you.

I beg of the sunlit soldiers -
bask your glow onto the
moonlit knights,
and do not pass your eyes over them
as many have done before,
but gaze at them with kindness.

It's all they desire.

And should you befriend one,
you'll have a warrior to be reckoned with,
a phantom dancing in the stars,

Yet have this occur, you must first
See them.
Walk with them.
Accept them.

Or all will be lost in the
lonely pit called the heart,
never to bask in sun nor moon,
morn nor eve,
dooming them to the shadows
they feel at home in,
but fight to escape.

So please, dear soldiers
help them win their war.
To Walk Among You
I wrote this a year ago and I just recently found it again. 
When a person aches
With a pain that's surface deep,
There is a wail to pierce the air
And causes all to weep.

When there's a pain
That's not yet agony or despair,
There's a special kind of cry
No scar can repair.

This cry is screamed within.
It's the sob of the alone.
They suffer in silence
In hopes their pain won't hone.

Yes, there are tears
Flooding by the score,
But this special cry
Requires so much more.

For you see, this cry reflects
A brokenness inside
And no matter how silently they weep
A wall of water cannot hide.
It's a parasitic darkness, that sits heavy in your heart and rots all it touches. With every beat, with every pang, with every flutter, it sits and waits for its moment to strike. If it was any other beast, it would be named a predator, with humanity as its prey.

Everyone is vulnerable to its claws and fangs, but not everyone will fall victim. With a smile made of glass, it slithers in through the eye, grips onto the soul and finally begins to suck life from the heart.

It's not always felt. Sometimes, you forget it's there. You can be happy and enjoy the happiness. But when it does attack, when it does remind you who is master and who is slave, you fall to your knees before it. Like a black slime, it covers your thoughts and smothers your emotions. You try to fight through the slime, and some days you win. Some days, it drags you deeper within yourself until you face two options.

Option one: you turn to someone, you throw your heart as though you're playing a game of hot-potato, and you hope and pray and trust with everything you have left in you that they will be there to catch you.

But if they don't, if no one does, then the only option left is to dissolve in it, and hope you live to trust again as you wait for it to devour you.
59. Drowning In Myself
I just felt really down today and if I had to describe what I was feeling, this would be it. 

59 is No Way Out
So I haven't done a journal entry like at all in the past few months, just wanted to give an update.

I am crazy busy (thanks theater) and have had almost no time to myself, so naturally writing has been a bit dry. I do have some decent common app essays that I may post but I'm undecided. 

I just wrapped up Servant of Two Masters and I'm now working on Bye Bye Birdie. I was going to work on Urinetown but it fell through. Still disappointed in that.

I lost, then found, all my stuff for Steve's story. I also got google chrome working again and I know all the ins and outs of google drive now. Which makes me very, very happy. 

So, fun stuff. I will try to upload more, I promise, but no promises. I know I want to submit to my school's Litmag and my school's newspaper, so I'll probably upload those. So yeah, that's pretty much it. 
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And as for those who came to "troll" on my page because I am a "fucktard", I don't appreciate it and I kindly ask you to send me a note with your thoughts on my writing instead of slander. Thank you.

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